Bear Butte Gardens

What's New at Bear Butte Gardens?

We utilize Facebook to post news updates to our followers. We actually have two Facebook pages! Yeah, crazy right? One is called "The Farm Stand at Bear Butte Gardens", and the other is called "Bear Butte Gardens". This is where you will find the latest news about us. You can also message us from here as well!

The Farm Stand at Bear Butte Gardens Facebook page focuses on what products are available in the farm stand and information about events at Bear Butte Gardens. Examples of events might include Farm-to-Table dinners, gardening workshops/classes, festivals, etc.

Our Bear Butte Gardens page focuses more on the farm, sharing information about new baby animals being born, what is being grown in the gardens, the status of various farm projects, or maybe just a nice photo of Bear Butte.

Note: If these two Facebook frames do not show any content (just a spinning progress ball), you might want to check your browser security settings. Some browsers do not like to display this content within a frame.

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