Bear Butte Gardens

The Commercial Kitchen at Bear Butte Gardens

This commercial kitchen is available for rent! We are located just outside of Sturgis. Anyone can rent the kitchen - other small businesses, caterers, or friends/family/individuals who want to do some food preparation. Our kitchen is 16' x 24' (384 square feet). Kitchen rental is available 24x7.

We work closely with the South Dakota Department of Health to provide a safe and regulated environment equipped with brand new or like new appliances, e.g. commercial range, convection oven, large two-door cooler, large two-door freezer, prep tables, prep cooler, pizza oven, and other various equipment necessary for food processing and preparation.

Do you need to use a “commercial” kitchen?

South Dakota has recently updated cottage food laws. Here is a link to more information about these new regulations:

Do you need a “Food Safety Certificate?

If you are planning to use the kitchen for any type of retail sales, then you are required to have a “food safety” certificate. Here is a link to more information about how to get certified: