Bear Butte Gardens

Organic Certified Vegetables

We strive to grow the tastiest, most nutritious vegetables possible. We start with organic certified seeds -- no GMO seeds. Our gardens have rich, dark, nutritious soil -- a result of using only our own compost and cover-crops. We don't use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or preservatives.

Grass-fed, Pasture-raised Beef

We purchase a handful of young, weaned steers periodically from local ranchers. Once we get them, they are raised on our organic-certified pastures, get only our organic-certified grass and our organic-certified hay -- no antibiotics, no chemicals, no corn, no GMO feed.

Organic Certified Farm Fresh Eggs

We keep organic certified, heritage breed laying hens year round. These gals get spoiled with lots of scraps from our organic gardens -- and it shows in their eggs!

Organic Certified Broiler Chickens

We are very careful to purchase our chicks from reputable breeding operations. We then raise the chicks on 100% organic certified feed, garden produce from our organic gardens, along with whatever they can forage (e.g. bugs, grass, etc.) on our organic certified farm. We harvest the chickens ourselves, with very humane and conscientious methods, and in as clean manner as possible.

Pure, Un-filtered, Honey

We have a few honeybee hives primarily to pollinate our garden vegetables. However, they also produce wonderful honey! We offer our honey bottled in pints and quarts, unfiltered, and absolutely raw (nothing added). Over the years, we have built an organic pollinator habitat specifically for our bees.

Grass-fed, Pasture-Raised Lambs (meat)

Our lambs are conscientiously raised to provide healthy, high quality, great tasting meat for our customers. Lambs finished on grass have a much different flavor than lambs finished on grain. Our customers certainly prefer our grass fed lambs.

Sheep Skins

We send our sheep skins to a professional hide processor in Pennsylvania. When these sheep hides come back, they are fabulous! So soft, clean, and luxuriant! They make a perfect gift!

Sizes, colors, and prices vary.