Direct Sales

Bear Butte Gardens is very happy to sell direct to customers.  This can be a great way to get some of our great products!

What is available?

This is totally dependent upon what time of year it is, and what is ripe and ready to be harvested.  For example, you will not be able to purchase tomotoes from us in May -- they are not ready yet.  But we will likely have a lot of greens (lettuces, spinach, etc.) in May.  We harvest honey in early fall, lambs go to the butcher in about October, and tomatoes are generally ready in August and September.  If you desire a specific product, please contact us and ask when it will be available.  Also, if we have an overabundance of a particular product, we often post a note on Facebook.


Pricing will vary depending upon many factors.  Please contact us for pricing.  


Our direct-sales customers generally come out to Bear Butte Gardens to purchase products.   Please contact us before stopping out to make sure the product(s) you want is available and ready to go and also to make sure WE will be available to help you.  

The bottom line is:  Please contact us to make arrangements for direct sales.

Thank you!

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Potatoes, Onions, and Purple Beans
Herbs, Garlic, and Chives
A variety of vegies