Raw, Unfiltered Honey for Sale

We have a few honey bee hives, in which their primary purpose is to pollinate our garden vegetables.  But, they also produce wonderful honey!  We offer our honey bottled in pints and quarts, unfiltered, and absolutely raw (nothing added).

Since bees can travel a few miles to collect pollen (potentially off our property), we do not certify our honey as organic.  But, we make a large effort to provide a great habitat for our bees on our own (organic certified) property.  We do not medicate our bees.  When they need additional feed, we only feed them their own honey that we have reserved for that use.  We do not feed sugar.  Over the years, we have built an organic pollinator habitat specifically for our bees.  In addition to our garden plants, we have planted a variety of trees, bushes, shrubs, alfalfa, and flowers that will bloom and produce pollen throughout the entire growing season.  We also have pastures full of native wildflowers surrounding the hives.  We are also very mindful of the water sources that the bees might utilize, and make sure there is good clean water available for their use.

What We Offer for Sale

     •     100% pure, unfiltered, raw honey

Available late summer while quantities last

$10 per pint

$20 per quart

Our Process

Honey Bee Packages
Honey Flowing from an Extractor
Honey Extractor
Honey Bee Hive Inspection
Honey Bee on Caragana Blossoms
A Captured Swarm of Honey Bees
Honey in Bottles
Honey Bees on a Pumpkin Blossom

Two new "packages" of bees

A couple honey bees on an organic pumpkin blossom

Michelle, inspecting a bee hive

A honey bee on a Caragana blossom

A captured "swarm" of honey bees,

moving into their new home

Capturing extracted honey into buckets

A honey extractor uses centrifugal force to extract honey

from hive frames

Honey Bee Hives

Busy Honey Bee Hives

Michelle, in her fancy beekeeper outfit!