Beef (meat) for Sale

We purchase a handful of young, weaned steers periodically from local ranchers.  In the past few years we've had Angus, Jersey, and Angus/Jersey mix.  Once we get them, they are raised on our organic-certified pastures, get only our organic-certified grass and our organic-certified hay -- no antibiotics, no chemicals, no corn, no GMO feed.  When raising cattle in this manner, it takes just a bit longer to get them to full weight.  We find it takes about 18 to 20 months.

When a steer is nearing his full weight, we advertise to potential customers (via our FaceBook site, our newsletter, and/or this web site), and then take pre-orders and deposits.  

We prefer to sell the beef by the "whole", "half", or "quarter".  A "whole" beef is all of the meat from one steer.  A "half" is 50% of the meat from one steer, and a "quarter" is 25% of the meat from one steer.  Smaller quantities may be arranged by special order with adjusted price per pound.

What We Offer for Sale

     •     Pasture raised, chemical free, antibiotic free, grass fed, grass finished beef,

       in individually wrapped cuts of meat

Available several times throughout year (whenever a steer reaches slaughter weight).

$6.50 per pound + tax based on hanging weight

Our Process

The price will depend upon the weight of the steer.  In order to get an estimated price at pre-order time, we start with the estimated live weight of the steer.   Remember, this is only an estimate and the actual weight and price may be different.

Once the steer is butchered and hanging at the meat locker (minus head, hide, and organs) the butcher will call us with the actual "hanging weight", which is usually about 50% of the live weight.  This is the weight on which we calculate the price of the beef.  We charge $6.50 per pound (of hanging weight).

Keep in mind, the hanging weight and the finished package weight will differ as some additional bone and fat will be removed from the cuts before they are packaged.  The customer pays on the hanging weight, but will receive a lesser poundage in actual packaged weight.

We take care of transportation of the animal to the locker and then we pick up the packaged beef so we can ensure we get all boxes from the butcher.  Before we pick up the finished, packaged product we organize the pick-up day/time for our customers to get the boxed beef from us, generally at Bear Butte Gardens.

How to Estimate the Price

Example Calculation:

Estimated Live Weight:  1,000 pounds

Hanging Weight (approximately 50% of live weight):  500 pounds

A "whole" would be all of hanging weight.

A "half" would be 1/2 of hanging weight.

A "quarter" would be 1/4 of hanging weight.

For example, let's say the customer wants a "quarter" beef

(500 pounds  x  .25  =  125 pounds).

We charge $6.50 per pound (of hanging weight),

so the base price would be calculated as:

(125 pounds  x  $6.50  =  $812.50)

Plus tax as: (4.5%  x  $812.50  =  $36.56)

Total Estimated Price:  $849.06

Soon after receipt of the pre-order and deposit, the customer will be asked a series of questions about their cut and package preferences.  For example, thickness of steaks, quantity of steaks per wrapped package (usually two or four), how many pounds of ground beef vs. steak vs. roast, if you want any organs (liver, heart) or soup bones, etc.  Remember, these are only "preferences".  If a steer is to be split between multiple customers, then Michelle will attempt to balance the preferences of all customers.  If four separate customers are each getting a "quarter", there is still only one liver, so only one of the customers will get that.  We require a $150 deposit to hold a quarter or half, or $300 to hold a whole beef.  The deposit is subtracted off the total before sales tax.  Payment in full is due upon pick-up of the beef from us.

Once a steer reaches full weight, we take it to a local meat locker.  In the past, we have utilized Sturgis Meat Locker in Sturgis and Tri-County Locker in Newell (depending upon their available schedule).  The meat locker will slaughter the steer and then hang the full carcass for aging for 1-2 weeks (to enhance the flavor even more).  The butcher then processes the steer into individual cuts of meat.

The customer receives individually wrapped cuts of meat packaged in a box(es).  Since this is a sizable quantity of meat cuts, most customers freeze it.  A "whole" beef will often fill an entire chest freezer.