Purple Beans

Organic Vegetables for Sale

What We Offer for Sale

     •     Arugula

     •     Beans

     •     Beets

     •     Bok Choy

     •     Broccoli

     •     Brussels Sprouts

     •     Cabbage

     •     Cantaloupe

     •     Carrots

     •     Cauliflower

     •     Celeriac

     •     Celery

     •     Chinese Cabbage

     •     Corn

     •     Cucumbers

     •     Eggplant

     •     Garlic

     •     Herbs

     •     Honeydew

     •     Kale

     •     Kohlrabi

     •     Leeks

     •     Lettuce

     •     Mizuna

     •     Mizuna

     •     Mustard Greens

     •     Onions

     •     Pak Choy

     •     Parsnips

     •     Peanuts

     •     Peas

     •     Peppers

     •     Potatoes

     •     Pumpkins

     •     Radicchio

     •     Radishes

     •     Shallots

     •     Spinach

     •     Summer Squash

     •     Swiss Chard

     •     Tatsoi

     •     Tomatillos

     •     Tomatoes

     •     Turnips

     •     Watermelon

     •     Winter Squash

We try to grow all of the common vegetables and many uncommon vegetables.  We grow many colors and many varieties.  Did you know that a yellow tomato has different nutrients than a red tomato?  We grow pretty vegetables and we grow knobby, ugly vegetables.  What is important is the flavor and the nutrient value.  Every year we try new varieties.  We grow A to Z (arugula to zucchini).  Gardening is about experimenting, failing, learning, succeeding--again and again.  Depending on many variables, we may not get everything going every year and each year some vegetables grow better than others.  That is the fun of gardening.  

Green Peppers
A variety of vegies ready for CSA day
A CSA share for one week
Peanuts, yes Peanuts!
Greens on New Year's Day
Leaf Lettuce
We are USDA Organic Certified!