Organic Turkey (meat) for Sale

Our turkeys are raised entirely on our organic certified farm.  Our breeding stock (one tom and two hens) were very romantic this past spring.  They produced about 50 fertilized eggs!  The eggs were taken from their nests and kept in an incubator until they hatched.  When young, they were raised indoors, in safe enclosures, under heat lamps.  When older, they were moved out to a “turkey tractor”.  The turkey tractor gets moved onto new grass every day or two so the turkeys can forage and be on clean grass.  When the turkey tractor started looking a bit crowded, the turkeys were moved to a much larger outdoor pen.  We have a lot of predators about the gardens (coyotes, fox, owls, eagles, hawks) so we have to be very careful about free-ranging our poultry, but they do get supervised outings from time to time. 

We harvest the turkeys ourselves, with very humane and conscientious methods, and in as clean manner as possible.  The finished product is a whole turkey carcass (minus head, neck, feet, organs, and feathers) ready for cooking.  If picked up by customers on day of harvest, the turkey will be bagged and cooled, but not frozen.  If picked up by customers after harvest day, the turkey will be frozen in a shrink bag.

What We Offer for Sale

     •     Pasture raised, organic certified, whole Bourbon Red Turkeys in limited quantities

Available days before Thanksgiving

Ready for Thanksgiving dinner

Estimating 8-15 pounds per turkey

$7 per pound + tax

$10 nonrefundable deposit reserves your turkey

Balance due upon pickup

Our Process

One of our Bourbon Red Turkey Hens
Our Bourbon Red Tom Turkey
A turkey egg hatching
Bourbon Red Turkey Poults
Egg Incubator
Egg Incubator full of turkey eggs
Turkey Poults under Heat Lamp
Young Bourbon Red Turkeys
Turkey Poults in Tractor
Turkeys roosting at night
Burbon Red Turkeys
Bourbon Red Turkeys free ranging
We are USDA Organic Certified!

One of our breeding turkey hens

An egg incubator.  Controls temperature and humidity.

A look inside the egg incubator.  Eggs get marked with the date the egg was laid.  Eggs also get marked with an "x" and an "o" to help keep track of turning eggs three times a day.

An egg in the process of hatching!

A freshly hatched turkey

A freshly hatched turkey.  Still wet, and totally exhausted.

But it doesn't take long to perk up and get fluffy!

Young turkeys - just a couple days old.

In a rubbermaid watering tank, with a cover, and a heat lamp.

These turkeys have their "real" feathers and have been moved outside into a "turkey tractor".  This particular turkey tractor has wheels on levers to make it easier to move it.  We move our chicken/turnkey tractors every day or so.  This provides a clean environment to prevent disease.

Some half-grown turkeys.

The turkeys quickly outgrow their turkey tractor.  When this happens, we move them into a much larger coop.  This is a picutre of the turkeys roosting at night in their coop.

Since we are USDA Organic Certified, we cannot let our poultry free range into our gardens during growing season (cannot expose veggies to fresh manure).  But, in late fall, after the gardens are all done (and before Thanksgiving), we do allow our turkeys to free range during the daytime.  They love it!

These turkeys are nearly full grown and almost ready for Thanksgiving.