Eggs for Sale

We keep organic certified, heritage breed laying hens year round.  They have a nice chicken coop with two separate outdoor “fly” pens.  These gals produce between 2 to 18 eggs per day, depending upon a variety of circumstances -- but the average is generally over a dozen per day.  Their diet consists completely of organic chicken feed and organic garden scraps (e.g. unused, damaged, or imperfect garden vegetables, etc.).

What We Offer for Sale

     •     Chicken Eggs from pasture raised, organic certified chickens

      Available (almost) year round

      Quantities available vary depending upon weather, and several other factors

      $6 per dozen

Our Process

We are USDA Organic Certified!
Free Ranging Chickens
Marissa and Veronica with Chickens
Mother Hen and Chicks
Livestock Guardian Dog with Chickens
Hen in nesting box with eggs
Free Ranging Chickens
Rick and Chicken Coop
Cleaning the Chicken Coop

Marissa and Veronica with a couple Chickens

A hen, in a nesting box, sitting on some eggs

One of our Livestock Guardian Dogs, learning about chickens

Rick and the Chicken Coop

Cleaning day at the Chicken Coop

Free Ranging Laying Hens

A hen surprised us by laying her eggs in a secret spot in a shed.  All seven of her eggs hatched in September.  

Here she is with her chicks.

A rooster and hens free ranging