Broiler Chickens (meat) for Sale

We only raise broiler chickens in the summertime.  We usually have two or three batches of 20-30 chickens each.  Each batch is staggered a few weeks apart.  The first batch is usually ready in July.

We are very careful to purchase our chicks from reputable breeding operations.  The chicks are shipped to us (via US Postal Service) when they hatch and we receive them within two days.  We then raise the chicks on 100% organic certified feed, garden produce from our organic gardens, along with whatever they can forage (e.g. bugs, grass, etc.) on our organic certified farm.  When young, the chicks are kept indoors, in safe enclosures, under heat lamps.  When old enough, they are then raised in “chicken tractors”.  Every couple of days the chicken tractors are moved to new, clean grass.  Our livestock guardian dogs protect the chickens from coyotes, raccoons, etc.

We harvest the chickens ourselves, with very humane and conscientious methods, and in as clean manner as possible.  The finished product is a whole chicken (minus head, neck, organs, feet, and feathers) ready for cooking.  If picked up by customers on day of harvest, the chicken will be bagged and cooled, but not frozen.  If picked up by customers after harvest day, the chicken will be frozen in a shrink bag.

What We Offer for Sale

     •     Pasture raised, organic certified, whole chickens in limited quantities

Available mid summer and fall

$5 per pound + tax

Our Process

We are USDA Organic Certified!
Day old chicks shipped in a box
Young chicks in a chicken tractor
Chicken tractor
Chicken tractor

Day old chicks shipped in a box

Zeus, our gentle Saint Bernard, is keeping a

watchful eye over the new chicks

When old enough, the chicks are moved out to the garage, into a

"chicken tracktor" with a heat lamp

When the chicks get their real feathers, they get moved outside

During the daytime, they have access to clean green grass, fresh air, fresh water, organic feed, bugs, and sunshine!

During the night, they get covered with a tarp, have a heat lamp to keep warm, and get some loose hay to stop the drafts.  Depending upon the weather, this happens for a week or so -- until they get acclimated.

We raise a variety of chicken breeds.  

This is a batch of half-grown "Freedom Rangers".

Our chickens often get treats from our organic gardens -- leftover, damaged, or imperfect vegetables along with grass and weeds.

They love it!

This photo shows the past path of a chicken tractor.  The chicken tractor gets moved every day or so (with the chickens in it).  This method provides the birds with a fresh, clean environment to help prevent disease.  The most recent location is always "eaten down" and has fresh chicken droppings.  About a week after the chicken tractor has been moved from a location, the grass recovers very nicely.  Incredible actually!  Chicken manure is a great organic grass fertilizer!

Zeus, watching new chicks under heat lamp

We use collored leg bands to track the age of our birds.