Getting Ready for the Farmer Hootenanny
An Elementary Class Visit to Bear Butte Gardens
An Elementary Class Visit to Bear Butte Gardens
A Farm Tour at Bear Butte Gardens
A Farm Tour at Bear Butte Gardens

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At Bear Butte Gardens, we believe that buying your vegetables and other ag food products could and should be a bigger experience than simply going to the grocery store.  We want to give you the opportunity of knowing who your farmer is an how your food is grown.  We want to share our knowledge of gardening and raising livestock with others who are interested.  We invite our customers to visit our farm and see for themselves what we do.

Over the years, we have held and been involved in many educational events at Bear Butte Gardens.  If you are interested in visiting Bear Butte Gardens, or having us visit your group, please feel free to contact us!

Constructing the High Tunnel Greenhouse
A Soil Blocking Workshop
A classroom visit, planting seeds
Bear Butte Gardens at a High School Career Fair
High School AG Class visiting Bear Butte Gardens
WWOOFers at Bear Butte Gardens
A senior project about sunflowers
DRA Farm Beginnings Class
Kalee and Marisa, planting seeds
A Farm Tour at Bear Butte Gardens
An Elementary Class Visit to Bear Butte Gardens
Zeus is lining up the kids for a photo!
An Elementary Class Visit to Bear Butte Gardens
Learning about Baby Carrots
Kayla, picking peas
DRA Farm Beginnings Class
DRA Farm Beginnnings Hootenanny
High School AG Class visiting Bear Butte Gardens
Michelle and Marisa
Kalee and Marisa
Rick and Cappy, Installing Solar Panels
Helping construct a greenhouse at Cycle Farm

We are a small operation.  When we build something like a greenhouse, we ask our family, friends, and neighbors for a little help.  They are always very willing to lend a helping hand and also see what’s goin’ on at the gardens.  And they usually learn something from the process.  Give and take.  This is what builds trust, respect, community spirit, and good times!

From time to time, we offer educational classes or workshops about topics we know a little about.  This is a photo of Michelle teaching a workshop about Soil Blocks.  Neat classroom huh?

We have a lot of groups come out and tour our operation.  We enjoy having these groups out!  We love to share how we are doing things and what our vision is.  Sometimes the tour is for a couple thinking about farming, other times it is for a large group.

Michelle visits local schools on a fairly regular basis. She sometimes shows elementary kids how seeds germinate and grow, or teaches about honey bees, or provides seeds for classroom projects, or represents the small agriculture industry at high school career fairs.

We love having elementary school kids visit!  The kids always get a chance to get their hands in the dirt, taste very fresh vegetables, and learn about food -- and they always go home with smiles on their faces!

WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, or Willing Workers on Organic Farms.  It is a loose network of national organizations that facilitate placement of volunteers on organic farms.  Bear Butte Gardens sometimes participates as a hosting farm.  These pictures are of a two "WWOOFers" from France who spent a few days with us.  Great program!

Michelle was a mentor for a student from Sturgis High School who worked on a senior project involving sunflowers.  

We also work with the Sturgis High School “Agriculture” class students.  They come out the the gardens to get hands-on experience with agricultural topics from time to time.  We learn from each other!

Michelle was the coordinator of the 2013-2014 “Farm Beginnings” course.  Dakota Rural Action offers this course once a year to individuals and/or families interested in starting or growing an agriculture business (e.g. farm, ranch, etc.).  The course includes classroom sessions every other Saturday from December to April, and several opportunities for farm tours.

Bear Butte Gardens then hosted a “Farmer Hootenanny” with a potluck dinner and live music to celebrate the completion of the course!  What fun!

We are so grateful for our interns!  Every experience we've had with interns has been wonderful.  Some interns have come from Black Hills State University, and some from Sturgis High School.  It is truly a two-way learning experience.

If you are a student and interested in an intership, please contact us!

And here are a couple pics of us going to help out our friends on their places -- helping to install solar panels and construct green houses.  Great times with friends!